Norton is the antivirus company of America powered by Symantec Corporation. It is very effectively and quickly covering all the aspects from where attackers and hackers can attack. The company’s professionals are thinking as a hacker’s view so they could handle all the perspectives and save you from the further hampering situation.

 You are living in that environment where everyone wants to steal someone’s identity for their benefits.  So, safety and security are the basic requirements of yours. Norton gives its wide variety of products which are the specialist in one’s field.

Many times a situation arise in which your system shows “Server Error”, it will give you the unsafe situation because many of the tasks you usually perform on the system and this can give you panic situation when the viruses and attackers come to your data, it will get deplete the data. Data is much useful and important for everyone.

If you want to get the permanent solution or remedy of this question then you can acquire the help of Norton support Canada and you can also check the given below measures which are perfectly the explanation of this problem:

  • You can try with setting up the “fix tool”.
  • Download it from the web browser.
  • Double click on “NoronactivationRepair.exe” file.
  • If you are getting the error then you can try with installing the latest version of “Microsoft .NET Framework”.
  • After download, run it with the same procedure.
  • Click “OK” by restarting your device.
  • Activate your product again after opening your computer.
  • You can also try by reinstall this driver.
  • But you need to download “Remove and Reinstall” tool for that.
  • Then reinstall this product by following the prompting and instruction.

These steps may drag out your concern because these are driven by experts after analysis. If you still have any problem regarding same then you can contact Norton support 1-844-888-3870 for any help or guidance. The team will draw the main reason behind that and you will definitely get the solution just by calling the above toll-free number.


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