Have you ever been worried about leaving some window or back door of your house open while in a hurry? Well, why shouldn’t you? After all, it’s a risky thing. You need to protect your possessions. So, what about your computer system? The Internet can indeed be a very risky place, at least with all those crazy people around. So, it becomes a requirement for you to protect your computer and information from those clumsy attacks.

1.So, what exactly is a firewall? Well, the firewall is one of the most important of the constituents of your home internet security. It does catch those malevolent hackers, viruses and worms to protect your pc not get infected through their virulent codes which can destroy your files or can cause your system to malfunction. Moreover, a firewall can also protect your personal information from being stolen.

Your computer is also like your house. Similar to what was described in the beginning, your computer system with an active internet connection also does have many windows and back doors that are there are quite a few ways you can gain access to it. So, a firewall basically locks those opened windows and doors for you to remain protected. Let’s proceed with the functioning of a firewall.

2.Mechanism of a firewall – When you’re connected to the Internet there is a flow of information between your computer and the Internet. A firewall basically controls this flow of information. It puts chunks or packets of that information which is sent over the Internet through a filter which allows sending or receiving of only the data which the computer is authorized to do. It also does the work of prohibiting other computers which try to make an unauthorized connection to your computer. A firewall can also conceal your system’s unique IP address which won’t let others see it on the Internet.

3.So, do you have a firewall? Well, most of the Windows systems come with system firewall. You can check it in the control panel for if it’s turned on or not. For this click on the START menu, and then click on the control panel. Click on Security Centre. You’ll see a green indicator if the firewall is on.

 xxxxxFor checking your firewall status on Mac, go to Finder > Applications > System Preferences. In the System Preferences window that appears click on the Sharing icon. Then you can open the firewall button and configure it.


So, we’ve talked about the firewall and its importance, but a firewall is not enough. You’ll still need antivirus and anti spyware programs to help you to get protected. Many of you use Norton, which is the industry leader. So be secure and for any help or more queries call us on our Norton Support Number 1-844-888-3870. Our team of experts will provide with Norton Support and help you sail through any problem related to Norton Antivirus.


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